Yellow Mountain, China


Sunrise at Yellow Mountain, Huangshan, China

This blog is for me to share my findings, thoughts, feelings, and experiences as I unravel the wonder that is China. It is a place that has time and again left me flabbergasted, speechless, desiring to share with those who, like I, had such a skewed view of what hid behind the red curtain.

What I have found is an amazing culture with an a tremendously rich history and tradition. A language that is complex and methodical as it is mysterious and beautiful. A people who are full of life, eager to live and get ahead, but who hold a healthy respect for social networks, family, and friends and know how to enjoy life. It is a complex society full of contradictions trying to figure out how to exist in this modern world without losing their old values and traditions.

It is a place where everything is monumental proportions, nothing is as you expect and you have to be willing to jump out of your comfort zone and let yourself be amazed by what they have to offer. It is truly an experience of a lifetime.

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